Having always had an interest in broadcasting and television in particular, I’ve always been excited about the democratisation of the media that the internet gives. For several years I’d been of thinking ways in which the internet could be used to broadcast smaller scale events than those that would usually get coverage on television but would still command an audience if the right people could be reached. Five years ago when I began to look at the options available to stream, it was theoretically possible but the cost of the equipment, the size of the equipment and the difficulties of the intended audience finding the content lead me to put the idea on the back burner.

In the next few years a small revolution occurred, suddenly the likes of Facebook and Youtube allowed anyone to stream to their captive audiences, people that were already interested in the subject matter that could be linked to in a moments notice. This now meant virtually anyone could go live at a moments notice. 

So where do we come in?

This new avenue has been a great tool for sharing important moments, however often this results in shaky video and poor audio, and the structure of broadcasts is often non-existent. This is where we can help, it’s our aim to bring your live streams up to TV level quality, without the usual costs involved. We’ve invested in new technology which allows us to produce multi-camera live streams which use highly portable and wireless cameras and requires fewer people operate than normal. Our services are ideal if you’re looking to create great looking promotional videos for brands, community events, sport and even weddings. Making video look great is our passion and we’ll help you work on your narritive so you can increase engagment. 

If you want to discuss how you can level up your online video and live streaming we would love to help. If you’ve got any questions just get in contact.